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There has been a phenomenal growth in the pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals space, especially dietary supplements and super foods testified to a rapidly expanding market for functional drugs and supplements, besides a growing awareness about healthy and safe alternatives to synthetic/chemical drugs.

A leader in pharmaceutical, herbal and nutraceuticals space, Vardhman Healthcare packs nature's goodness in a wide variety of products that are distributed to clients across the globe.

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Nutraceutical ingredients like Aminoacids, Vitamin, Minerals and Enzymes are becoming part of an average consumer’s daily diet due to increased incidents of lifestyle diseases and high level stress.

Vardhman Healthcare’s nutraceutical products deliver high quality ingredients and offers health benefits beyond simple nutrition.


Vardhman Healthcare’s composite package of herbal formulations is with right effects, without unwanted side effects, provides prevention and cure from diseases.

Vardhman Healthcare’s herbal products are carefully formulated to cure chronic as well as general diseases across all the sections of society.



Vardhman Healthcare understands the right value of the human life.

We vouch the efficiency of our products and shall strive to deliver the best quality. Our manufacturing associates are WHO-GMP, PIC/S, USFDA certified facilities following cGMP and cGLP guidelines stringently.



Our commitment to excel in healthcare business is reflected in our product portfolio of qualitative materials from renowned WHO-GMP, USFDA certified manufacturers.

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Quality Excellence
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Global Market
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Vardhman Healthcare participating in Iphex 2017.

Vardhman Healthcare commence Sri Lanka Business with 11 products.

Vardhman Healthcare launched its operations in Ukraine.

Vardhman Healthcare launches 10 products in Mauritius.

Vardhman Healthcare get’s in Africa continent with Pharmaceutical raw material.

Vardhman Healthcare launched Brazil operation in fourth quarter of 2016.

Vardhman Healthcare commences business operation in Cambodia with Nutranext brand.